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  1. Scrivener on sale for $20 right now. Get it, it's the bees knees: http://www.amazon.com/Literature-Latte-SCRWINREG-Scrivener-Download/dp/B0079KJB54

    1. mercutio


      Do you use it for screenplays? I downloaded a trial version a while back and thought it might be good for a novel, but didn't seem ideal for scripts. I didn't spend a ton of time using the trial though.

    2. ddollar


      Yeah it was originally designed for novels, but I just can't live without all the features they have to offer either way. I use index cards, constant notes, scratch pad, all that stuff and Scrivener is great for that kind of peripheral stuff, whatever the medium. If you're just a straight word processing kind of guy though, I would say FDX is definitely still the best.

    3. aphid47


      I used it for a feature once. It's great for breaking down a story, but you still have to write it yourself ;)

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