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    2. Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      My first job was typing the scripts for General Hospital into the TelePrompTer it was fun the show was so stupid but I was a very fast typist. This was before they had everything on a computer system we had to use a giant old fashioned typewriter more like a newspaper type-setting system it was enormous and very loud they put us in a small room two of us and we had to do the whole script in two hours. I hated it because the machine was so hard to use it printed the words in GIANT SIZE TYPE so...

    3. Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      the actors could read the words from wherever they were on the set and the words scrolled up through the prompter at whatever speed the actor was saying them, they had another person part of the camera crew who would be responsible for making sure the dialogue scrolled upward at the right speed.

    4. Galleria.Pictures


      That sounds pretty cool

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