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  1. So The Rover's budget was ~$12 million and it made $69K opening weekend. Probably won't make more than $100K in its total theatrical run. Is there any hope for it to recover its budget? How much money can this movie potentially make on VOD/rental? Could it ever make up for its budget or is it just a dud for the studio?

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    2. admin


      VOD releasing is still very new, and somehow hard to track. I think it's more of "behind closed doors" than anything, seeing as how tracking the numbers of rentals and purchases should be incredibly easy. Releasing on VOD for a low budget (maybe 5-8 million and under) can be quite successful, but the other issue becomes piracy because as soon as a film drops on VOD, someone out there has already pirated a 1080 copy of the film for free. It's a bummer to see because most VOD o...

    3. admin


      ... originals are indies these days, and are affected the most.

    4. Writer


      Given its Australian pedigree, expect it to make a couple of bucks down here too.

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