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  1. JEMIYAH JONES & THE FAIRIES OF NIR – THE AWAKENING OF BALIEKAH PEARL. Forget the 1st 10 rule -- I lost interest during the title!

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    2. Mike


      When their fearless, but narcoleptic leader, Baliekah Pearl nods off during a penultimate battle, Jemiyah Jones and her legion of Faries must race to find a sleep wizard who can awaken Beliekah before Nir is destroyed by killer moths. I kid, of course. Kooky title.

    3. nazardo


      I still haven't got to the end of the title and am concerned about the poor bastard outside movie theater who is gonna have to fit it all on the marque.

    4. sangun


      The producing company's address is a Mr. Mail in Hollywood. I'd probably watch a Mr. Mail movie.

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