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  1. If a magician entertains everyone in his audience that isn’t a magician... and said magicians say the show sucked... did it REALLY suck? Or did the magicians’ overawareness of how the tricks are done cloud their ability to sit back and enjoy the show?

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    2. nazardo


      Great point, sanguine.

    3. Mike


      This is, to my mind, one of the richer topics to be bandied about of late. Why don't we, or you, or him take this over to chit-chat or one of the other moribund threads and give it some life. Because honestly, I think there's some life in this topic with regards to what's wrong with this town and other existential motifs in entertainment. I'm just sayin'

    4. specwriter


      What if you applied this to visual effects? Is there any effect on film that can still BAFFLE audiences as to how it was done? Everything now can just be explained as "it's CGI." But the next breakthrough, whatever it is, will leave us slackjawed, and that includes us and visual effects artists. If anyone here remembers the animated stained glass window man from Young Sherlock Holmes, or hell, I guess the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, you know what I mean.

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