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  1. Watching the herring run on Cape Cod. Poor bastards have to fight the current, swim UP waterfalls, all while avoiding poaching seagulls. But the reward is sweet: when they make it to the top they get their spawn on like its nobody's business.

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    2. nazardo


      Lol. I meant waterfalls from herrings' POV. 2 foot rocks with water plunging straight down and they still find a way to get over them. It's inspiring.

    3. sbbn


      So I'm trying out the online dating thing right now and your description is pretty apt for that... (although, I can't complain, I've had it much less rough than many of the stories I hear of rejection and psychopaths).

    4. nazardo


      Lol. Yeah. Life of a herring is MUCH easier than online dating. I always wanted to see a Match.com commercial with all the horror stories I've heard. "My first date tried to chloroform and make a skin suit out of me... it was love at first sight".

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