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  1. FIVE AGAINST THE BULLET sounds an awful lot like Johnny To's THE MISSION (1999)

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    2. RazorBlade1968


      I'll have to find it. THE MISSION is about five hit men assigned to protect a mob boss after a failed hit attempt. There's friction at first, then the bond between the men grows as they fend off each hit attempt, then is put to the test when the mob boss tells them to kill one of their own after he has an affair with the mob boss' wife. Great film. Chris McQuarrie was doing a US remake, but it never moved forward.

    3. sbbn


      TB - would you mind posting 5? I searched the forums and didn't see it and it sounds like a cool read. Thanks!

    4. sbbn


      Never mind - I'm an idiot. Changed the search terms and found it right away. Thanks for posting that TB!

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