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  1. Just wondering what is up with people asking for screeners for films that are currently in the theaters. I mean, can't people spend the 10 bucks and support our industry?

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    2. ira schmira

      ira schmira

      But back to the original question: does anyone know where me and Patrick Campbell could get some free screeners?

    3. axalon


      Not sure if it's okay to say this, but if you really want those screeners for free a majority of them are floating around most torrent networks.

    4. Skreamings


      Thanks Ira, but I'm not looking for free screeners. I think I paid $7/ticket in Chico to see Frozen while visiting in the in-laws, but Bay Area prices are $10-12. But I still don't see why people can't get off their butts to see a film that is still out instead of pandering for a freebie.


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