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    Pop Culture, Film, TV Nerd. Sidelined from working below the line due to an extreme knee injury. Writer and Photographer, and community organizer. Needing to write my first screenplay to submit for a class.

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I am a huge nerd when it comes to just about everything I do, especially what I read, and watch... I am a part of the times up initiative. Catherine Hardwick, Sam Taylor Johnson, Lexi Alexander, Kelly Marcel, and Patty Jenkins are my heroes-- for different reasons.

I Was working below the line and had an accident which tore all the ligaments in my right knee. I was in film school when it happened. Since then I have written two books and started working on podcasts about things like Twilight vs. Fifty Shades of Grey and how much Fan Fiction has changed the industry, with The Fifty Shades of Culture trash phenomenon. (Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies is fan fiction, whether it was posted or not) I like to pick apart young adult movies and literature themes, that tend to be overlooked, and relevant these days. (Divergent is what I am working on now) 

I have been taking different classes on comic book history and creation, writing fiction, and screenwriting. I have to submit my own screenplay, but it will be a teleplay, probably. Luckily I have a year to do it. So my sister said this place was a good place to go. Although I have so many scripts, I am looking for, that people either hate or they consider them guilty pleasure's. I am not ashamed. I just hope I don't annoy anyone.

Anyway, I live in ABQ, NM and very hopefully I'll start at the bottom ladder as a PA and work my way up.... again... 

That's just about it.

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