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Status Updates posted by kristenryans

  1. Was wondering if any of you read any of these specs with the "kept under wraps" loglines, if you wouldn't mind sharing the loglines with me for my grid? I'll update here too.

    1. andrewpwoodberry


      Like Craig said with "Bullet Run", you can get "Planet X" and "Extinction" by googling title and author and going to the Spec Scout link (was 1st one for me)

  2. I'm really liking the new forum look. Nice work guys!

  3. Ok, I've added all the Black List scripts sent to me. Anyone have the Hlavin one?

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    2. sbbn


      Thanks Penelope! That was the one I was missing!

    3. sbbn


      And of course thank you k for you endless awesomeness!

    4. lauriestark
  4. Great on the Brit/Blood adds Red. Now, let me see what I can find!

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    2. cdsuser


      Awesome Work !

    3. Cyber Hater
    4. admin


      Looks like she got the last one. Blood List completed.

  5. Hey guys, just added 8 of the 10 Nicholl finalists - still need just the last two - "Blood Bound" and "Outside the Wire".

    1. SeeriousTimes
    2. Elliott79


      Much appreciated, as always k

    3. LeadSolo


      Nice! Thanks.

  6. Added a bunch more specs.

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    2. Elliott79


      ... especially if they're written by Chris Sparling!

    3. StringerBell


      k. Ryans, thanks for all of your contributions!

    4. dreammachine02


      Yes thank you for all your hard work, really appreciate it!!!

  7. Quick question for someone on the Universal lot. Shoot me an email if you don't mind.

    1. kristenryans


      Founds. Thanks everyone!

  8. Added another 6 spec scripts to the files today. Thanks for moving the forum for me :)

    1. treyselman


      the list move was a nice touch. Thanks for keeping it in such robust shape. IF. you see mail men floating around, I'd like to read it.

    2. SeeriousTimes
    3. rockshainkjr


      Awesome! Will try to load up the files a bit more myself.

  9. CONFIRMED: Brad Luff out @ Dimension

    1. Escapist


      wow... so soon?

    2. admin


      It was such a quick run, I'm not even sure where they're saying he's messed up, because almost nothing has come out he's been involved in.

    3. Escapist


      yeah, they're almost impossible to work for. unless they're blaming him for SCREAM 4, which makes no sense but wouldn't surprise me...

  10. Hey gang. Just sent out new Spec listing on the bulletin. Anyone have any of those older specs?

    1. admin


      Think we have a few in my office. Let me see what I can dig up.

  11. The only hangover I saw this weekend, was this morning... ugh! (aka: Fun weekend!)

  12. Added another new spec, but it's been a slooow week, sorry guys.

  13. I just added coverage samples from most major agencies to the Coverage sections.

    1. CookieMonster


      Thank you for that! I find them interesting and useful.

    2. lexybella


      where is the Coverage section? In the Forum?

  14. Just added 4 new specs thanks to a fellow TB member!

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    2. Cyber Hater
    3. StringerBell
    4. admin


      I added another one as well. The one out today from Borelli.

  15. Added a few more specs today. Should have more next week. Updated my grid too.

  16. Hey guys, I updated the spec grid again. Thanks for the Rounds up Evil!

    1. Elliott79


      K - your spec posts are always appreciated!

  17. Just added more specs for everyone.

    1. boynotorious


      You are certainly a most awesome type mammal. :) Thanks as always.

    2. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Yeah, what he said...+1

  18. Just uploaded Rabbit and Bridge. Not sure if I should say that here, or in groups?

    1. boynotorious


      Awesome. Thanks bunches.

    2. palostick


      Have updated the script with the version that went out to producers and studios. The version that K Ryan posted had many errors and I'd rather we took it down ASAP! thanks, Dominic Morgan (co writer of the Bridge)

    3. admin


      Old draft down. New draft up!

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