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  1. Does anyone else think the new Planet of the Apes trailers are really emotional?

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    2. Pro Screenplay

      Pro Screenplay

      Yeah, its the way they frame the apes on camera... Oddly interesting.

    3. filmandtech


      Its a great trailer. Very well done.

    4. Allen


      I've heard it's good, though it looks like crap in my opinion.

  2. The Hangover Part 2: Should have been as funny and hand over mouth shocking as the photos in the credits.

  3. Anyone in Cannes? Thinking of drinks somewhere tonight.

    1. admin


      Kate, I'd suggest hitting the bulletin with this - you'll get a much quicker reply :-)

  4. So... We made a short (kind of a teaser) for our feature and it's got into the "A Night of Horror Film Festival" in Sydney (April 6th) Check out the stills from the short at http://www.facebook.com/playthingsmovie#!/album.php?fbid=196027290420248&id=110856348937343&aid=43302

    1. tbblue


      Great pictures! When will the trailer be up?

    2. kate


      Just a couple more festivals and then we are putting it up on the web.

  5. anyone going to Cannes? Going for the first time this year and need accomodation tips.

  6. So my first feature Playthings recieved $20,000 funding for development of our next draft! Woooo Hooooo! not bad for my first film!

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    2. zkendall


      thats awesome!

    3. electroglodyte
    4. kate


      It's just awesome really. The first bit of validation in my very short career that I'm on the right track!

  7. Just watched Red Hill! Love it when Australian Films get it right!

    1. tbwhite


      Been meaning to catch that at the Laemmle Sunset!

  8. hey so maybe i missed it in the explainations but what are the green and red buttons for in the bottom righthand corner of a post for?

    1. tbblue


      It's kind of like a Like/Dislike button. A way to give props to the poster. But they don't really mean anything. It's just one of the native features of the forum.

    2. tbblue


      We're testing it out see if it adds any "fun" to forums.

    3. Bodhi1701


      Awesome! A "like" and a "dislike" button!!!!! We social networkers have been waiting so, so long for a dislike button!

  9. Playthings underwent it's first "public" judgement at the Screenwest Feature Navigator Development Workshop. Jonathan Rawlinson, Simon Van Der Borgh & Elissa Down all gave us the thumbs up to keep working on it and now we are doing a page 1 rewrite!

    1. aphid47


      Congratulations and good luck!

    2. Manny


      good job, keep up the good fight and i'm sure you'll do a good re-write.

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