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  1. When does the Black List come out? I thought it was supposed the be out the second Friday of this month (which was this last Fri).

    1. AliM


      gurv, you impatient because you might have a personal project on the list?

    2. Jabbatron


      It's a joke anyway. Especially now that it's become some sort of paid tracking service. I know a few key industry people who think it's all a big wank.

    3. admin


      Monday. The TB guys & Franklin Leonard coordinate the release dates of the list each year - it's why they do not release same day.

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  2. How was Moneyball? Worth seeing?

    1. asjah8


      a very good film. a solid story and stand-out performances by pitt, hill and hoffman.

    2. mikeyP_73


      Yep. See Moneyball. Even my gal liked it. Jonah Hill stole the movie though with his deadpan performance... I loved it

    3. sbbn


      Cool. I'm going to have to see it this week. I loved the screenplay - one of the best written I've read in a while.

  3. I was so uninterested in reading College Republicans but I finally did sit down and read it (coz it was no 1 after all) and... WOW, it was really, really good. Would love to see the movie.

  4. Can't wait for Battle: Los Angeles - Trailers look fun and the script was great.

  5. Having not read any other Coen Bros scripts, do they write all their stuff with their "own" format: the minimalist, abbreviated slug lines, etc?

    1. admin
    2. sbbn


      Wild. It took a bit of getting used to but I thought True Grit was a fantastic script.

    3. admin


      The first time I read there scripts, I thought they were a scriptment of some sort... tursn out, thats just how you can write when you know you're going to direct it :-)

  6. Just saw True Grit. Loved it! What did everyone else thing?

    1. sbbn


      TB Blue - Glad to hear you liked it! Only been a day an a half since I saw it and I'm ready to go back and see it again. Not many movies have that effect on me.

    2. treyselman


      The Coens got True Grit. That's what I know.

    3. LeadSolo
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