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  1. I'm curious - is it as unsurprising to others that Need for Speed underperformed analyst expectations? I've been tracking it because it seemed like expectations were overblown from day 1 (it was definitely not under-marketed).

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    2. bladebeam1


      Box Office Mojo had an interesting analysis going into the weekend.




      Here's a bit of it:


      There is some cynicism surrounding Need for Speed due to its transparent similarities to the Fast & Furious series and its awful reviews (23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Also, the marketing has failed to show much in the way of story, which has consistently taken a back seat (get it?) to the fast cars. This is en...

    3. admin


      I think there were a handful of hypers out there parading the idea that this was going to go big opening weekend, but no one really drank that Koolaid.

    4. CrashDaily


      NFS was all about INTL. It will do great (is doing great) and watch them announce a sequel soon. 100 million all in and it will do 150-200 worldwide. It did kind of tank here though.

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