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  1. So does anyone know why Sovereign is written in haiku? I'm really confused (and incredibly distracted when trying to read it).

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    2. hollywoodude


      I liked the style -- very reader seductive, (or in your case irritating :) I suppose the intention was that every line would be a very precise shot and the script would function like an "editor's handbook," showing how to bascially just sequence a bunch of images. My only concern was that the style may expand a thinish script: you are taking five lines to say something that could have been said in one. But having read it, I don't think, at least for this script, such was the c...

    3. sbbn


      good omens, I'm with you. I wanted to give it a shot but it was so difficult to get past the formatting. I skimmed ahead to see if it was going to become readable. And it didn't. I can't even get to whether it's a good/interesting story because the formatting is so grating.

    4. LAscribe88


      It rips off the way Alien, and later, Wall-E, were written.

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