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  1. I really wanted to feel... *something* about what happened to Brody but the lead-up was so poor I was just kind of ambivalent. And what was with Carrie?? For the emotional wreck she's been this season she was oddly calm about everything that went down. Talking with the people responsible for Brody's outcome as though nothing happened. No attempted eye gouging or anything.

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    2. dsjones


      Or how about finally coming out and revealing Saul is the actual mole. The leads on Javadi came, literally, from thin air. He was speculating and it absolutely set off the alarm bells. And who gained the most from the bombing? Saul.

    3. naugehyde


      An utterly disastrous finale.


      Not re-upping on this one. Pointe, HBO.


      The season wasn't a complete waste tho. Felt the season had nearly redeemed itself from the Dana shenanigans and general waywardness when Brody got to Tehran. The penultimate episode was damn good.




      holy fuck what a shitty conclusion.


      Great dilemma set up for Saul, save the mission but not Brody and they almost immediately resolved it.


      Then that lon...

    4. sbbn


      Opie, I believe the bomber was the guy killed and liquefied at the motel. Axalon, great point about how bizarre it was that they gave station chief to Carrie. Even if she weren't completely unstable no one at the CIA trusts her! They wouldn't give her station chief for Switzerland, let alone a high priority like Turkey. And they really did need more Quinn.

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