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  1. Watching a show about mental health issues and emotional disorders is interesting and all but I'll admit I do miss the days when Homeland was about the CIA and espionage.

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    2. sbbn


      Patinkin is incredible. And I agree - I am still clinging to hope that the show will return to the amazing it was for the first two seasons.

    3. axalon


      Patinkin is great and really the only thing holding this show together now.


      I just wish this show had balls like Breaking Bad or The Wire. At this point, Brody really shouldn't be here. "Redemption", in my opinion, just seems like a really weak motivation for someone in his position. The man strapped a bomb to his torso with intent to kill about a dozen or so people. Most of whom were innocent.


      I would rather see Brody get killed or written off and have the s...

    4. Mysterian


      Brody and his entire family need to go. I'd like to see the show focus on Saul and Quinn.

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