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  1. Watching a show about mental health issues and emotional disorders is interesting and all but I'll admit I do miss the days when Homeland was about the CIA and espionage.

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    2. axalon


      Crap, my post got cut off but I agree Mysterian, I'd rather see the show focus on Quinn more as at this point he's far more interesting.

    3. sbbn


      I agree with you Mysterian and Axalon. I think one of the huge flaws is that the show seems to be trying to go in a different direction (Saul/Quinn) but it isn't sure what to do with Brody and so Brody ends up with a weak-ass, time-wasting story line.

    4. Mysterian


      I even like Virgil and the other tech guy (don't remember his name). I find them more interesting than Brody/Carrie. I say keep Virgil/sidekick and Saul/Quinn

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