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  1. According to Gahgan, this is an old screenwriting expression: "Shall we have him pet the dog?" First, has anyone actually heard that expression before? Second, what the eff does that mean?? (and if you're speculating, fine but please say so, and if you have source, please provide)

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    2. axalon


      StringerBell, does this apply to antagonists too? I feel like this happens a lot with whoever the villain is so the audience carries conflicting feelings about someone they're supposed to dislike.

    3. StringerBell


      It certainly could, Axalon. I was once told in a studio meeting that my antagonist was too unlikable and that all of the characters should be likable. It was one of the worst notes I've ever received. The characters should be interesting and maybe in some cases the antagonist should be likable, but definitely not in the script we were discussing. For example, in a love triangle movie, it's way too easy to make the other man or woman a jerk. It's much more interesting in that situa...

    4. StringerBell


      Hmm, guess I went over the word limit there. The rest of that sentence was something like "situation to have the other suitor not be an obvious jerk (as we usually see in movies), but rather be in some other way wrong for the target of the protagonist's affection."

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