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  1. According to Gahgan, this is an old screenwriting expression: "Shall we have him pet the dog?" First, has anyone actually heard that expression before? Second, what the eff does that mean?? (and if you're speculating, fine but please say so, and if you have source, please provide)

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    2. CrashDaily


      It's also called "save the cat" which Blake Snyder re-coined with his screenwriting book of the same name. Protag does something that makes us like him right off the bat. I read Safe House (orig spec) recently and laughed out loud when the protag literally helps an old lady struggling with her groceries on page four. He "saved the cat"

    3. sbbn


      Thanks, guys. That makes sense. I prefer it to "save the cat."

    4. punchdog


      Remember in Inspector Gadget when Dr. Claw has MAD Cat?

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