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  1. Great ending. Much better than "cut to black..."

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    2. benjaminthomasyip


      Loved it. That's how you end a series. Re: Jack's death- Walt shooting Jack in the head mid-sentence (a la Hank's death) was enough for me.

    3. sbbn


      dsjones - what didn't you like about the Jesse arc? Personally, I'm incredibly glad they didn't have a "I made up my mid ten minutes ago" line. Or any McBane line. It would have been WAY too on the nose and one thing I love about the series is they respect the audience enough not to hammer us over the head with the obvious. No one needed to say anything to make it clear Jack's death mirrored Hanks. Besides it was obvious Walt had already decided when it shot Jack befo...

    4. sbbn


      Jack finished speaking (one of many incredibly well directed scenes in this episode).

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