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  1. Any thoughts on Low Winter Sun pilot episode? I caught bits and pieces of it and other than the fact it tracked the script, I haven't decided what I think of it. (Breaking Bad was incredible, of course!)

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    2. sbbn


      Dean Norris was incredible in Breaking Bad (I know I'm jumping back to the beginning here) - when he hit the garage remote... man alive, that was incredible acting in that scene.

    3. sbbn


      sanguine - I've always been impressed by actors who seem to take their jobs seriously instead of just a path to fame. Say what you will about Tom Cruise (and he's done some bizarre stuff) but he is a damn hard worker from everything I know.

    4. sbbn


      It's interesting to hear the "lots of tone, no substance" comments. That's kind of how I felt watching it but I didn't see all of it and felt like I was being too quick to judge. The pilot felt like it was going to the tone of something like Breaking Bad without putting in the work to earn it. Breaking Bad is what it is because of all the seasons that went before this one.

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