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  1. Stephen Gaghan wrote Call of Duty: Ghosts?? I would have bought the game anyway, but that's pretty fuckin awesome! I love that big games have been placing a lot of effort into creating compelling narratives.

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    2. sbbn


      I'm actually thinking of getting a playstation just because all of the awesomeness I've been hearing about The Last of Us.

    3. zkendall


      ya im wondering if theres a way to watch this storyline without playing the game.

    4. sbbn


      I can't speak to The Last of Us, but for other games with great narrative, I agree 100% with what Fsalmon1 said: you have to play the game to really immerse yourself in the story. You become invested and its more powerful than a movie (imo) when someone you have invested hours in either dies or does something shocking. I still remember playing a war game in which the character you play spends an entire level trying to escape a town only be be blown up in an atomic blast. That doesn...

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