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  1. Just realized Wettest County in the World was renamed Lawless (yeah, I'm a bit slow)... what the hell? Another example of taking a memorable name and turning it into generic mush.

    1. AliM


      Somewhere in the Valley a parody-porn producer is also lamenting the name change.

    2. Hasmap


      Yeah, i was a little caught off a guard at first when i saw the trailer a few weeks. I was like, Tom Hardy doing a film named Lawless. News to me, then realised it was Wettest Country. Strange as well, empire had the trailer via yahoo, but apple had it as an exclusive. But the next day it had vanished from apple trailers.

    3. sangun


      It's been test screening since September, it was supposed to open in April and now it's pushed to Labor Day weekend. Slow and incomprehensible are what I've heard from people who have seen it.

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