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  1. Only a few months late... Boy, were you guys right about The Last Jedi! WTF? Why can't anyone seem to write a smart, fun, exciting Star Wars script anymore?? None of it really makes sense and it's not even half as clever as it should be. Diminishing returns all around.

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    2. sbbn


      I know this is cliche enough to almost be trite but I think there is a lot of truth that the story was designed from the outside in, from set-pieces (casino "planet" was one of the starting concepts for the story)to story, rather than the other way around. Reminds me of how Yoda fell apart through the series: he was so memorable because unexpected - the great master who turned out to be small, frail, and seemingly inconsequential. The significance of that was lost, though, when...

    3. sbbn


      they turned him into a ping-pong ball with a light saber.

    4. benskelly2


      LOL, a ping-pong ball with a light saber. That pretty much nails it. And yes, the movie did feel like it was sort of awkwardly back-engineered from what JJ Abrams committed to in TFA...but which never made a whole lot of sense to begin with. I don't have any better idea of what Kylo Ren's goal is or why Rey has The Force or why Luke is "hiding out"...I could go on. None of it has any logic or emotional weight.

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