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  1. So they paid Seth eight million for this tsuris? I wonder if his next big wacky edgy concept will be quite so welcome.

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    2. benskelly2


      The hacking has been officially tracked back to North Korea now. And a pundit on TV was estimating that the canceled release would cost Sony about $50 million.

    3. palostick


      If the Aurora theater shooting hadn't happened, they wouldn't be taking this threat so seriously. Remember that N Korea is one big personality cult. No shortage of citizens who would give their lives to avenge this slight on their leader.

    4. palostick


      The greatest disservice Team America did was to make the late Kim Il Jung into a joke. I once used him in an action movie and the notes came back that I couldn't use him because he was too comedy. Reality - he and his son have slaughtered millions via starvation and concentration camp. That's the movie Hwood should be making.

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