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  1. Hmm, Write2Reel went to a "paid site" status yesterday. ($60.00 a year) How many of you frequent this "little brother" to the Tracking Board? For the most part, TB kicks ass over it in all areas, but lately some gems have popped up via someone scanning in hard to find scripts. I think I'll pass on paying for their weak service. Any thoughts?

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    2. Mysterian


      I wanted the script for the movie Four Lions. I saw that it was on there and that is why I signed up... unaware that the following day it would become a paid site.

    3. Corsairs


      It was a fun site while it was free, but I doubt it's going to be worth $60/year. I'd expect those who were regular posters there (myself included) to seek out other script exchange avenues.


      On that subject, it would be great to see more released film scripts posted to the TB File Exchange.

    4. Knock


      I'm a regular on there (same name) for the occasional gem that pops up, and there is some good banter every now and then. The site owner gave free membership to the regulars. Basically he was trying to get rid of the spam accounts, (guess he was getting 200 account applications a day).

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