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  1. Hmm, Write2Reel went to a "paid site" status yesterday. ($60.00 a year) How many of you frequent this "little brother" to the Tracking Board? For the most part, TB kicks ass over it in all areas, but lately some gems have popped up via someone scanning in hard to find scripts. I think I'll pass on paying for their weak service. Any thoughts?

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    2. agkinowerken


      I found it a good source for older, harder-to-find scripts -- e,g, a recent thread on Hitchcock thrillers, mostly scanned originals -- but I'm not convinced it's worth $60 per year... Also, lack of warning of movement to pay service was somewhat annoying....

    3. Gunnerkat


      Really, $60 a year...and you give no notice at all. Pretty amateur. I liked the site and probably gave more than I took, but for that kind of money I'd expect a lot more. Sayonara Write to Reel.

    4. Preminger


      So everybody has to pay $60 now? even long time members that added scripts?

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