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  1. So, after all the hoopla over the Gawker leeking HATEFUL EIGHT, I'm surprised that there isn't a thread of reaction to the script. I just finished it and am composing my thoughts... Very QT (can he rip off himself?) but in the end it felt a little, well, "light." So, if Samuel L, Jackson plays Maj. Warren (way too easy, and a rather boring choice), Christoph Waltz plays Oswaldo (?),Tim Roth plays Bob (?), then Bruce Dern must be John Ruth, maybe???

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    2. seananthonyhayes


      Madsen is John Ruth. Bruce Dern would be Gen. Smithers.

    3. seananthonyhayes


      I liked it, though. Could serve as a nice "small" film for QT after Basterds and Django.

    4. nazardo


      I’m sort of glad this one is getting shelved. On the heals of Django, this smaller scale Western feels like a lesser work. I enjoyed the read but the ending is very matter of fact and ultimately the story is forgettable. IMO the lack of reaction to the script itself (not the leak) is a good indicator of people’s thoughts on this one.

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