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  1. Gizmado is listing the best Cyber Monday deals, and I'm interested in a e-reader 'cause it's so damn cheap ($39). Has anyone had experience with a Nook Simple Touch? Might it be a good entry into an e-reader for PDF scripts? http://gizmodo.com/the-best-cyber-monday-deals-1474441564/@shanerobertscommerce

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    2. Frobisher


      Also... I remember I had to root it. But I'm not sure if I had to root it in order to read PDFs.

    3. axalon


      sbbn, what's the name of the android app that crops the sides of screenplays?

    4. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      thanks guys, I'm gonna hold out for a larger reader or tablet... ah, someday...

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