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  1. Question: I prefer printing out scripts and reading them in a variety of places. How do YOU read scripts - print copy, computer screen or Kindle-type tablet? The Kindle Paperwhite sounds intriquing, but it's just too small for my desired experience. Is there a simple, 8 X 11 PDF reader out there?

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    2. typistolero


      GoodReader on iPad (or iPhone). It's great--fast page loads, croppable margins (to blow up the page), notes capability.

    3. Galleria.Pictures


      The FD Reader for iPad is awful, don't waste money on that. (The actual FD Writer of iPad isn't too bad when on the move for long trips but still supremely annoying to use).

    4. sankofa


      print...i work at a law firm so i print out what i need after hours, read it and recycle it. (yes, i'm *THAT* asshole that prints a lot, using up all the endless paper! :))

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