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  1. Keep working hard. It's all you can control on your end.

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    2. ddollar


      it's a good sign, jaco. means you won't stand for anything less than excellent.

    3. CastorTroy16


      Too funny, Jaco. Maybe you'll be the first to sue Final Draft for not disclosing the suffering a writer endures... lol

    4. Jaco


      That's Class Action level stuff you're talking there. Treble damages, fees, costs . . . watch out, lawyer stiffy in the house.

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  2. I don't know what people are stocking up on more - assault weapons or screenplays. Both could black market items by the end of 2013. What I think is we're in a dead news cycle. Where's Tiger Woods to wreck his SUV when we need him...

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    2. CastorTroy16


      Sad but true. Hope TB holds firm.

    3. sbbn


      None of this is new stuff. This has been going on for years. For the most part it *seems* that if you are discrete no one much cares. Discrete and respectful (ie, don't go fucking posting Deadpool on mediafire and then announce it to the world! I'm surprised Scriptshadow lasted as long as it did, love the site as I do/did.

    4. CastorTroy16


      Same here. I loved that he gave access and didn't mind the email file share. Educational use only. If someone then takes a script and posts it around the world, remove them from the distribution list! Anyway... A benefit of following Scriptshadow was learning about the TB.

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