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  1. Question for working screenwriters here: What would be your key advice for career longevity? Ie. What do you think the difference is between the folk who get one big sale and/or a Black List mention and then flame out forever, and the folk who are actually putting their kids through college with screenwriting?

    1. magsnow


      Keep writing! I have many friends who have sold specs, gotten assignments, had things produced, and then think they've made it. They slow down their writing process. They don't try as hard because they're no longer chasing the elusive dream. That's a huge mistake because you have to keep your name on everyone's tongues. You have to build ongoing relationships with execs, producers, your reps. You have to keep writing. It's been my experience that if you do, you kee...

    2. magsnow


      Oops, ran out of room. Anyway, keep writing and never turn your nose up at anything sent your way. Those eventually lead you to bigger and better jobs.

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