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  1. PROMETHEUS - Stunning to look at, extremely engaging in parts, fantastic Fassbender, but ultimately muddled and pointless. Shame. Wanted it to be phenomenal.

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    2. jdef75


      Cinemotography excellent. Some superb performances, notably Fassbender's. However, sad to say, the screenplay ultimately sucked. It seems character development has gone out the window lately. We're given stick figures instead of people.

    3. RazorBlade1968


      Wanted to love it. Didn't. Never delivers on the promise of the premise, sub plots are muddled, as are character motivations. Supposedly educated characters doing stupid things just to service the plot... I could go on and on.

    4. gutspin


      Agreed. I hated to admit I was bored. How could such a cool idea have been so dully executed? But yeah -- great film to look at. With the sound off.

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