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  1. Hopefully I will be uploading a segment of my superhero-based script. The story: After a all-powerfull relic known as The Trident of Fear is stolen from Atlantis by an alien race working a psychotic Tyrant named Krato, King Orthander Bishop tasks his son with its recovery. James gains the help of Titan Vullcan, who Orthander outcast, to enlist the help of descendants of former heroes. With the help of Nemo"The Fabulous" Zuton, Jack Riley and the concetric-firing Betty Weaver, aka Miss...

  2. Enjoyed Fantastic Beasts yesterday, now I'm enjoy the screenplay book, which was 1/2 price when pre-ordered at my local Book shop. Only £8.50. Can't complain.

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    2. Pompalompa
    3. Jarrean


      I felt the same way Axalon. And I was really looking forward to it.

    4. ideafeast


      I thought it was great. Ties in well as a prequel to the Potter books and introduces some great characters.

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