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  1. So thoughts on the night of finale? I thought it was solid.

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    2. electroglodyte


      I think the foot issues were laying pipe to give Stone a real problem in the final half hour. We have him dealing with it for a long time, finally finding a cure in Chinatown (we're relieved for him), and then he gets the double whammy of having to do the closing argument AND the eczema returns, which is the worst possible situation for him.


      So I think it worked on that level, but I did find the amount of screentime and attention devoted to it earlier on somewhat irritating on...

    3. electroglodyte


      ... somewhat irritating on first viewing, but in that last episode I understood what they were going for, and when the eczema returns, you really do feel for him.

    4. electroglodyte


      Chandra's kiss was surprising, but I think her character worked, overall, and she wasn't just a "young ambitious lawyer" stereotype. Her sexual confusion was also evident in the scene where she gets drunk with Stone.

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