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  1. My short horror story The Lake Erie Siren will appear this June in the Spring 2019 edition of Mad Scientist Journal.

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    2. drb000


      Very nice! Is it something you've tried adapting for screen? It's worked for a lot of other people.

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    4. Reader George
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ob3jhcucvabby8t/Character Arc of Laurie Strode from Halloween to H20 [over 11,000 words].pdf?dl=0
  3. My family-friendly screenplay The Offended Ancestor placed in the Zoetrope semifinals.

  4. In December of 2001 at The Egyptian Theater, Wes Craven said "it would have been brilliant" when I asked what his version of The Haunting would have been like.

    1. adlocke


      chucky is the scariest movie i've ever seen, put i remember hiding in the pillows just one state away unable to watch scream on vacation. that hiding is part of who i think i am. i can name on less than 5 fingers important cinema figures played on my life and wes is one of them.

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