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  1. Sounds like "Ascending" is the wrong adjective.

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    2. smullan


      Larry > Lana is all I'm saying.

    3. ira schmira

      ira schmira

      Guys- the movie may horrendous or whatever- but let's not make fun of filmmakers still trying to create original content. In a world where derivative garbage like TAKEN or SAFEHOUSE does huge numbers at the box office, let's support movies that actually have ambition. That are trying to give us something new. Rather than flawless films- like TAKEN, like SAFEHOUSE- that trot out the same played garbage.

    4. ira schmira

      ira schmira

      You might execute your concept flawlessly but if you no ambition, if your just riffing off of far better fils (ND NOT IN A TARANTINO WAY) I got no respect for you.

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