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  1. Unsure if I should be really excited about the Fargo FX series or somewhat wary of it. Great cast and pedigree, so hoping for the best. Big fan of the film.

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    2. Mysterian


      It's locally filmed here in Calgary so I'm watching it to support the local film economy. Plus the cast is awesome, and it's on FX and they have a great track record with me and their shows.

    3. Eric W.
    4. specwriter


      I watched the first hour last night on screener. Billy Bob Thornton is awesome, Martin Freeman is okay (hard not to be listening for his accent to break), and the plot takes some serious TURNS. The show is good enough to be really exciting, and a very interesting idea to take an existing film and set a TV show within its world, without using the characters or story, just the themes. Huge potential, hope it keeps it up.

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