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  1. Hottest gal or guy at the Globes? I'd put Jessica Chastain on my terrorist watch list, and Tina Fey can host an awards show for two. Sophia Vergara can modernize my family. I'd like to go down on Michelle Dockery's abbey, and what the hell, Helen Mirren can hitch my cock. (sorry, dame Helen, had to go there) ;-)

    1. storymaps99
    2. StringerBell


      Halle Berry. ALWAYS Halle Berry.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      Take Shelter is a ridiculously good movie.

  2. Does anyone know if a guy named Frankie Peay has sold any spec scripts or had his name on scripts by Hunter Richards or Marc Rocco? This would have been a while back, late 90s, early 2000s? Thank you.

    1. timorawe


      IMDB list Frankie Peay as:

      Soundtrack: Original Gangstas

      Writer: Original Gangstas & Hot City

      Producer: Original Gangstas & Hot City. All from 1996.

    2. specwriter


      I'm looking for info from non-public sources, like pay directory sites, agency records, etc. Thanks.

    3. typistolero


      I don't know of a Frankie Peay, but I did deal a little with Marc Rocco, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had offered to share credit with someone. Good luck with your search, though.

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  3. Why does the Disney/ABC Writers Program still require you mail in two CDs? Do they even still make CD-r's? :-0 http://tinyurl.com/7wxcmuf

    1. tonka


      My computer doesn't even have a cd drive...

    2. richardonthego


      My feeling is so they can destroy it when they're done. But yeah, it's archaic.

    3. aphid47


      I'm surprised they don't want it on floppy.

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  4. Anyone else having trouble with the forums? If I go to the main url [http://forum.tracking-board.com/] I get an error page. I can only log in via the login page [http://tinyurl.com/88gcqyf] and then when I try to click on the Forums tab it puts me back on the error page. Wtf??

    1. sangun


      Earlier today I kept getting a blank page off the main URL. No error just white.

    2. Mysterian


      I kept getting an error page when trying to login on my phone last week. Made my train ride home from work very frustrating!

    3. mebishop2001


      I have never been able to log on with my Blackberry.

  5. Is there an example of a feature film that was released after a TV movie version of the same source material that has been GOOD and successful? #thegreatgatsby

    1. elevenbulls


      12 Angry Men

    2. Deadlinerwriter


      Michael Mann based "Heat" (1995) on his earlier TV-movie treatment of the same premise, titled "L.A. Takedown" (1989).

    3. twofingeredtypist


      Scum (1979). TV version was banned

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  6. Anyone know any insider dirt about the Rich Ross firing or have any good insight not seen in other reports? Do you think he should have been given more time to prove himself?

    1. sangun


      Rich Ross always struck me as being mostly lucky. Not the greatest judge of anything but things generally worked out in his favor until the big promotion. There are lots of stories about him being an ass and not being qualified but none of that really mattered. Mainstream media, and not just industry news, started in with Disney - Ross - JC - failure and he was toast.

    2. AliM


      These guys all get phat $everance packages, though, right? So, it's not like Mr. Ross is gonna be in a soup kitchen line anytime soon.

    3. Roark


      Maybe he shouldn't have fired everyone that could have helped him make the transition to features. It takes a Village.

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  7. Anyone have any experience with Jeff Schmidt of NY Literary? Has he made sales? If he was asking for major rewrites from a new writer who is not signed, would you advise them to do it?

  8. Awake pilot was great! I

    1. aphid47


      The script and the show were both fantastic!

    2. benskelly2


      Not to be the lone killjoy, but I really don't know how this concept is going to stay interesting over a long run. If it was done Brit style in just 12 episodes, yes - but over years? The gimmick will wear thin.

    3. treyselman


      Yeah but season one ends when Jason Isaacs wakes up with a beaver puppet on his hand. Then the REAL fun begins.

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  9. Is the Dark Knight Rises script out there? I don't want it; I want to be surprised by the film. But I'm just curious if anyone has come across it or it's guarded under lock and key?

    1. sangun


      The only complete copy was held on a secure floor at LA Center. Keycard access. The whole bit.

    2. specwriter
    3. Hasmap


      The only thing for the script that is out there is the script pages for the opening 7 minutes for the introduction to Bane. I've read those.



    1. admin


      I know the answer before I even ask, but why why why is Scarlett Johansson in this? I'm sure that tiny pistol and total lack of superpowers is definitely going to save the world.

    2. specwriter


      Her cocking her pistol is definitely the comedic relief of the trailer. But, in all seriousness, if she's not going to show more cleavage or accidentally get caught coming out of a shower, well then she better have a bigger gun hidden somewhere!

    3. tbblue


      I really hope Hawkeye is badass.


  11. What does "Territories Requested" mean?

    1. Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      Think McFly Think!

    2. quain187


      it means that producers are requesting that agents/managers allow them to take in a spec script to their respective studios. So if Producer A has a deal or relationships with certain studios or buyers, they would want an exclusive right to submit a spec to those places.


    3. StringerBell


      To add to Barzini's post, producers will often seek to obtain territories beyond their particular studio.

  12. Listening to Chris Soth's call with Brooklyn Weaver. How much did Run All Night and 13 sell for? Run All Night was a pre-emptive buy from Warners.

    1. sbbn


      Mid-six for Run. Don't have more specific than that.

    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      I very much enjoyed the conversation with Mr. Weaver. I'm reading Dutch Southern's Hoof Harrington's Greatest Hits right now.

  13. Watched Crazy, Stupid Love and really enjoyed it and was impressed with the writing. Is the script close to the film?

    1. mebishop2001


      Pretty close. The movie in my mind when reading the spec was better than the final product, but still pretty good. I think a different director might have improved it a little. If you like that, check out other Dan Fogelman scripts like MY MOTHER'S CURSE.

    2. sbbn


      Loved the script and read it some 6-7 months before I saw the movie. I felt the movie was very close to the script, particularly when compared to how some films look in relation to the script.

    3. sbbn


      Btw, definitely worth reading the script - it is very, very well written and a great example of how a script should look.

  14. What's the diff between TrackingB.com and this site?

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      I've heard amazing stories that have come from trackinb's contests though...

    3. sbbn


      I don't think you have to join trackingB to enter in their contests. I've heard great things about their contests too but I wouldn't join just for that if you can enter the contest without being a member.

    4. ted


      You don't have to be a member to enter their contests.

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  15. Golden Globe noms. Kind of a snorefest, no?

    1. specwriter


      I've only seen "The Descendants," and I agree with James Franco's review, it's "Payne-lite." If it didn't star Clooney, it would have been totally overlooked.

    2. mikeyP_73


      Totes... and I am sorry... Boss is a crappy show with great acting, but Kelsey Grammar shouldn't be rewarded for showing anger as the only emotion in that show, the range isn't there...


    3. specwriter


      Homeland is a great show. I'd like to see it win something. Not seeing any breakout indies this year, like a Winter's Bone or Animal Kingdom.

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  16. Was Graham Moore actually a new writer when he sold Imitation Game or is that just media spin? Does anyone know his backstory?

    1. ddmulholland


      clearly, i was not looking at the right graham moore!

    2. specwriter


      But, ironically, Graham Moore has the same hair as Ronald Moore. http://tinyurl.com/6qksodr

    3. Alexy
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  17. I'm confused about the Dark Knight Rises prologue. I got tix for next Friday's M:I4 to see it, but it's actually debuting TONIGHT? And in front of which movies?

    1. benjaminthomasyip


      Nomadwriter's right. The prologue's with IMAX M:I-4 and trailer's with SH2. I think the trailer was always meant to be in front of Holmes anyway.

    2. specwriter


      Okay, well that's okay with me because I assume the normal trailer will be online by Monday, at the latest, as those things usually do, so I don't need to pay to see Sherlock Holmes. I already shelled out $18.50 plus processing fee for M:I4 in iMax... whattamI Bruce friggin' Wayne ova here? [dying trumpet noise]

    3. Hasmap


      If you sign up with Seefilm first or log in, then you can watch the Dark Knight Prologue only. There's no film to accompany it, its just the first six minutes. I tried to go one in London, but last nights was sold out. And i can't make the Manchester as have induction for new job. The only one's i can see left: 10pm,12/13 at Riverfront park, Spokane. AMC, San Fran,10:30pm 12/13. Catherdal city and one in NJ.


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  18. What's the buzz on Young Adult? Trailers look great, hope it delivers.

    1. Penelope


      Thought it fell flat. Besides Patton Oswalt. He's great.


  19. Saw "The Descendants." Decent, but not great. I expected more from Alexander Payne, to be honest. The slow pace was deliberate, but it really slumped in the middle. I could have used more close-ups of the dying wife on the ventilator, though. [/sarcasm]

    1. benskelly2


      I was really disappointed by this script. Too cliche and familiar to me. And then every critic in the country started orgasming over it...

  20. This could be the great NSFW trailer ever; sheer genius from the D.P. of "Crank 2: High Voltage" and Alamo Drafthouse Films: http://tinyurl.com/3ltgbun

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Never seen a more brilliant turd in my life...

  21. Excited to be here! I'm working on two hot specs, hope to have them on the board some day.

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