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    1. admin


      I know the answer before I even ask, but why why why is Scarlett Johansson in this? I'm sure that tiny pistol and total lack of superpowers is definitely going to save the world.

    2. specwriter


      Her cocking her pistol is definitely the comedic relief of the trailer. But, in all seriousness, if she's not going to show more cleavage or accidentally get caught coming out of a shower, well then she better have a bigger gun hidden somewhere!

    3. tbblue


      I really hope Hawkeye is badass.


  2. Wowzers. Final Man of Steel Trailer:

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    2. LeftyJones


      Hey Spec Writer -- here's a couple: But I think there's prob more versions. IDK - maybe it's just me -- but the horns and percussion of the Williams theme just give me chills with Snyder's awesome images:


    3. LeftyJones


      Trailer 2:


      Trailer 3:


    4. specwriter
  3. "MAN OF STEEL" Podcast and Beat sheet: http://bit.ly/1aH0QqD

  4. "Man of Steel" was shot on film. Uh-hells-yeah.

    1. KeatonHelm


      Nolan, man. Guy is a champion of celluloid.

  5. "The Bridge" from FX is fantastic. Seen the first three episodes, good stuff.

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    2. Elliott79


      Yeah, the original was great.


    3. Jrt82590


      The original was awesome!!

    4. twofingeredtypist


      Yup. Saga Noren was one of he best TV characters in many a long year.

  6. "The Conjuring" is a joke, right? It's gotta be a spoof of those house haunting movies. Gotta be!

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    2. specwriter


      The movie could be great, I'm just reacting to the concept and the ad campaign. It sounds like the film is original, but they're making it look exactly like other recent films in the "ghost house" and "exorcism" genres and that bugs me. I'll check it out when it hits VOD.

    3. admin


      Yeah, Spec I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but all the films the trailer makes it seem like all went on to make lots and lots of money. Keep in mind, sadly, the American movie going audience is not looking for smart provocative film, 95% of the country wants big + dumb + explosions.

    4. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      Starred review from the NY Times as well. I was pretty surprised.

  7. And Mad Men is BACK! What an episode. Roger Sterling was on fire.

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    2. axalon


      This season has been so good so far.


      Hey guys, remember in season 5 when a girl having her period was a plot point? Yeah.

    3. jessefoxchaney


      brilliant episode. also, i love that jennifer getzinger gets to direct all the good episodes now. i worked with her a few times when she was a script supervisor doing low-budget indie features in new york. see people, dreams do come true!

    4. specwriter


      I always get excited when I see her name in the opening credits; she's one of, if not THE best director on Mad Men. You can just tell the energy level was so much higher this week than the previous episode (which also sported a new writer on the team, Jason Smuts? Don't remember seeing his name.)


  8. Any buzz on "Admission?"

    1. sankofa


      kinda meh/blah...from a few I know who saw it in advance


      which sucks because Fey and Rudd should be comedy gold...

    2. specwriter


      I love Tina, but Rudd is overexposed, kind of sick of him. The Biebs should have been cast in that role. Kidding.

    3. admin


      Saw an early screening here in the office. Actually really enjoyed it.

  9. Anyone else having trouble with the forums? If I go to the main url [http://forum.tracking-board.com/] I get an error page. I can only log in via the login page [http://tinyurl.com/88gcqyf] and then when I try to click on the Forums tab it puts me back on the error page. Wtf??

    1. sangun


      Earlier today I kept getting a blank page off the main URL. No error just white.

    2. Mysterian


      I kept getting an error page when trying to login on my phone last week. Made my train ride home from work very frustrating!

    3. mebishop2001


      I have never been able to log on with my Blackberry.

  10. Anyone else think the latest episode of Mad Men was lazy and clunky? Probably my least favorite of the entire series run, and I'm a huge fan.

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    2. benskelly2


      I disagree, Johnson. I think the kid was telling the Black theatre employee that they were sad about MLK's death. It was his way of saying he was sorry for that loss. When Don realized what he was doing and the compassion it showed, he felt that love for his son. It was good that they finally utilized his son after seasons of being completely ignored as a character.

    3. LeftyJones


      Yeah it was a double meaning - he was talking TO the black guy, but talking ABOUT his own dad. So I agree he was outwardly showing compassion for the situation - but the subtext was him acknowledging his own father's sadness.


    4. jessefoxchaney


      didn't love it, and really wish they were doing more with the pete and trudy storyline, which feels like their strongest in the early going of the season.

  11. Anyone have any experience with Jeff Schmidt of NY Literary? Has he made sales? If he was asking for major rewrites from a new writer who is not signed, would you advise them to do it?

  12. Anyone know any insider dirt about the Rich Ross firing or have any good insight not seen in other reports? Do you think he should have been given more time to prove himself?

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    2. sangun


      Rich Ross always struck me as being mostly lucky. Not the greatest judge of anything but things generally worked out in his favor until the big promotion. There are lots of stories about him being an ass and not being qualified but none of that really mattered. Mainstream media, and not just industry news, started in with Disney - Ross - JC - failure and he was toast.

    3. AliM


      These guys all get phat $everance packages, though, right? So, it's not like Mr. Ross is gonna be in a soup kitchen line anytime soon.

    4. Roark


      Maybe he shouldn't have fired everyone that could have helped him make the transition to features. It takes a Village.

  13. Awake pilot was great! I

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    2. aphid47


      The script and the show were both fantastic!

    3. benskelly2


      Not to be the lone killjoy, but I really don't know how this concept is going to stay interesting over a long run. If it was done Brit style in just 12 episodes, yes - but over years? The gimmick will wear thin.

    4. treyselman


      Yeah but season one ends when Jason Isaacs wakes up with a beaver puppet on his hand. Then the REAL fun begins.

  14. BLOODLINE!!! Got through all 13 eps. on Netflix. One of the BEST THINGS EVER ON TELEVISION. Incredible writing and performances and top-notch production, anchored by great on-location shooting in the Florida Keys.

  15. Cosplay Piano? This exists. From Stan Lee's channel, apparently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hplyu6JTJA8&list=PLp3Kk8tovQCqQqXWBesYaatWnE8h1peGh

    1. sbbn


      d'fk? That seems like an exorbitant amount of money to spend making a three minute youtube video.

  16. Damn, this Mumford & Sons album is great.

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    2. ddollar
    3. StringerBell


      I LOVE Frightened Rabbit!

    4. Jaco




      Just got new Rabbit album - LOVE it.

  17. Does anyone know if a guy named Frankie Peay has sold any spec scripts or had his name on scripts by Hunter Richards or Marc Rocco? This would have been a while back, late 90s, early 2000s? Thank you.

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    2. timorawe


      IMDB list Frankie Peay as:

      Soundtrack: Original Gangstas

      Writer: Original Gangstas & Hot City

      Producer: Original Gangstas & Hot City. All from 1996.

    3. specwriter


      I'm looking for info from non-public sources, like pay directory sites, agency records, etc. Thanks.

    4. typistolero


      I don't know of a Frankie Peay, but I did deal a little with Marc Rocco, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had offered to share credit with someone. Good luck with your search, though.

  18. Does the director of a series pilot get residuals on the show for the rest of its run? I assume that's the draw that attracts so many big-name directors to pilots.

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    2. Frobisher


      That explains why James Burrows has directed so many pilots.

    3. craig




    4. specwriter


      Do you feel that compensation is warranted?

  19. Ever heard this line before in regards to a handgun? "There's twelve in the clip and one in the throat." Raylan said it on Justified, and I've NEVER heard that "throat" reference before, wonder if it comes from Elmore Leonard or a wholly original term from the show writers?

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    2. nazardo


      Hey, as fellow fans of Justified what did y'all think of the new direction they took this season? I still loved it.

    3. storymaps99


      I thought it was a great season, especially loved Patton Oswalt's Constable Bob, but I kind of lost interest (and forgot why it was so important) in the hunt for Drew Thompson. The urgency and momentum slowed a bit, you know, and they kept recycling the scene of one bad guy betraying another bad guy, leading to a stand-off. Maybe they just had one too many criminal factions? And the accents are wearing on me, which is why I think they should set it outside Kentucky next season.

    4. Mike


      I loved Cole's last cigarette. Moments like that are what drama is all about.


  20. Excited to be here! I'm working on two hot specs, hope to have them on the board some day.

  21. Extant: remind me again, was it the T-B contest that Brooklyn Weaver found it in?

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    2. Coz


      Brooklyn does a little of both. He'll work with a writer, really testing them out for a while, and then may decide the relationship may not work. However, it could also work out the other way, with Tranquility Base being an example of this.

    3. axalon


      How many scripts should you have under your wing before trying to reach out to someone like Brooklyn?


      I've always heard two.

    4. Coz


      Two? Absolutely not. Try, like, ten. And you better be ready to toss around multiple ideas, including ones you've already mapped out completely. He's a nice guy, but tough in a room.

  22. FX is putting three of its shows on hiatus for 10 days due to the Winter Olympics. Are they really that big of a deal? Half the time it's some event that is totally boring so it's a welcome escape to turn to a scripted show.

  23. Golden Globe noms. Kind of a snorefest, no?

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    2. specwriter


      I've only seen "The Descendants," and I agree with James Franco's review, it's "Payne-lite." If it didn't star Clooney, it would have been totally overlooked.

    3. mikeyP_73


      Totes... and I am sorry... Boss is a crappy show with great acting, but Kelsey Grammar shouldn't be rewarded for showing anger as the only emotion in that show, the range isn't there...


    4. specwriter


      Homeland is a great show. I'd like to see it win something. Not seeing any breakout indies this year, like a Winter's Bone or Animal Kingdom.

  24. Gravity. HOLY SHIT.

    1. Writer


      No kidding.


      *Possible spoiler*: That beat with Bullock in weightless fetal position is going to be seared into my brain forever. Gorgeous.

    2. SeeriousTimes
  25. Has anyone had any experience with applying to a Sundance lab? I'm getting Franklin Leonard's referral to apply to the first Sundance Episodic Content lab and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips?

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    2. specwriter


      I'm thinking that Sundance judges will look more for artistry and craft than "commerciality" in the current industry climate. E.g., I get told a lot that my script won't sell as a one hour drama and I should cut it to half hour.

    3. specwriter


      But will Sundance judges care about that? Hopefully not, and they will judge purely on the material.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Can't worry about expectations. Stay true to the story and it will be reflected on the page. Whatever subjectivity there is to their selection isn't anything you can anticipate anyway.

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