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  1. Question on cursing in a single-cam sitcom pilot script: Is it okay if I write in a cheeky *note to the reader* like "the curse words can be bleeped if it ends up on network and if it's HBO, then fuck it and let it ride?" I don't want the reader to immediately assume when they see shits and f-bombs that this has to be pay-cable. They do plenty of bleeping now on ad-supported networks. Seen this done before?

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      If you're trying to write to any network you may end up writing to none of them, and your script's tone may suffer.

    2. DonKasparoza
    3. Zoned


      Fugg't, man. I say write it... all over the goddamn place. Then, when you do a rough polish, after you have distanced yourself from it enough, and before you actually send it out to anybody, edit it out.

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