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  1. I need to know if anyone's seen a structural paradigm for a one hour TV drama? Like a Blake Snyder beat sheet but for TV. I can't find one, could use help. Thanks!

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    2. admin


      100% agree with Jiblings. While there are A, B storylines, and seasonal, and episodical arcs you aim to hit in a series, overall, the structure has become increasingly different per series over the years. Heck, some shows are up to 6-7 acts now per episode.

    3. naugehyde


      Tv is changing radically thanks to Netflix etc.


      There are no paradigms. World of difference between episodic and serial. World of difference between ad breaks and straight through.


      Write the show you want to watch.



    4. Frobisher


      Try and find the bible for the show you want to emulate. Some of them lay out the structure each episode should follow.

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