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  1. How does Joshua Jackson (Pacey!) keep getting roles? He has the personality and acting chops of lead paint.

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    2. axalon


      He hasn't burnt any bridges, at least that I know of, and he has a familiar face - pretty much all you need to be a working actor.

    3. Taragel


      He had a lot of charisma on Dawson's Creek but hasn't picked great roles since. (Fringe included.) He needs to do lighter comic stuff. Not sure about The Affair but will tune in! My "I-don't-understand-how-he-keeps-getting-work" actor is Michael Trucco. Delightful in person, so blah on screen.

    4. axalon


      Trucco is probably easy to work with on set and looks nice on screen. In terms of acting, well, I mean as long as he can say the lines even remotely believably...


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