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  1. It's official. I'm the only film buff on Earth who doesn't think Oldboy is the greatest film ever.

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    2. Shining1


      I'm also a fan, and the hallway scene was a ton of fun! And the twist at the end made my skin crawl.

    3. ira schmira

      ira schmira

      The hallway scene, the consuming of the octopus... the whole premise why release a guy after x amount of years? And then, of course, the twist and the final hypothetical. There's some much going on. You don't get this kind of ambition in hollywood.

    4. specwriter


      The hallway scene didn't look real, it was obviously stunt men. The long single take felt like the director intruding, it pulled me out. Same with the octopus; I wasn't watching a character eat an octopus, I was watching an ACTOR push himself to prove that he was tough. And the final twist...adds up to what? What's the point?

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