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  1. BLOODLINE!!! Got through all 13 eps. on Netflix. One of the BEST THINGS EVER ON TELEVISION. Incredible writing and performances and top-notch production, anchored by great on-location shooting in the Florida Keys.

  2. Looking for a current list of Managers that accept unsolicited subs/queries? I searched and only found an old list from 2011, plus it didn't specify if they accept unsol. subs. Thanks guys!

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    2. Jaco


      You are much more likely to run up against the "no unsolicited material" response from agents and prodcos.

    3. DonnieBrasco


      Honestly you should just cold submit wherever. What's the worst that can happen? They don't respond (which is identical to a co. that does take unsolicited). Believe me if your pitch is actually strong that won't stop people from requesting it.

    4. Escapist


      Placing in some sort of decently prestigious or recognized script competition will help you greatly...

  3. Jobs movie will be released in October. Anyone got the script yet? PM me if it needs to be hush-hush. I'

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    2. axalon


      Definitely with you on that

    3. Writer


      I'm good at keeping secrets too! I swear! Someone please PM me into the loop too. :)

    4. alexanderpacheco


      Someone posted it in File Exchange and then took down the thread. I'm assuming -- a) he/she posted the wrong script -- or B) he/she got told to pull it off the site.


      So... anyone know what happened?

  4. Question on cursing in a single-cam sitcom pilot script: Is it okay if I write in a cheeky *note to the reader* like "the curse words can be bleeped if it ends up on network and if it's HBO, then fuck it and let it ride?" I don't want the reader to immediately assume when they see shits and f-bombs that this has to be pay-cable. They do plenty of bleeping now on ad-supported networks. Seen this done before?

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      If you're trying to write to any network you may end up writing to none of them, and your script's tone may suffer.

    2. DonKasparoza
    3. Zoned


      Fugg't, man. I say write it... all over the goddamn place. Then, when you do a rough polish, after you have distanced yourself from it enough, and before you actually send it out to anybody, edit it out.

  5. Interview with the prankster who wrote the fake "Batman V Superman" script: http://thebibleofsnyder.com/2014/batman-v-superman-v-the-internet/ Is that script on here?

  6. Watched the pilot for "The Strain" today. It's good, but I had hoped for better. It doesn't hit with the impact of Darabont's Walking Dead pilot. Del Toro directed and the casting and performances are a bit rough. Only the first ep, so I'm sure it will find its groove.

    1. DarthVader


      I agree. Was unfortunately disappointed. Not bad, just not anything to get super excited over.

    2. smullan


      That's disappointing to hear. I feel like the setup was the best part of the book.

    3. specwriter


      I'm going to stick with it, as I read the books and there's a great mythology there. It has top-notch vfx, I'll say that, and Cory Stoll as always is great.

  7. Has anyone had any experience with applying to a Sundance lab? I'm getting Franklin Leonard's referral to apply to the first Sundance Episodic Content lab and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips?

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    2. specwriter


      I'm thinking that Sundance judges will look more for artistry and craft than "commerciality" in the current industry climate. E.g., I get told a lot that my script won't sell as a one hour drama and I should cut it to half hour.

    3. specwriter


      But will Sundance judges care about that? Hopefully not, and they will judge purely on the material.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Can't worry about expectations. Stay true to the story and it will be reflected on the page. Whatever subjectivity there is to their selection isn't anything you can anticipate anyway.

    1. axalon


      It's so perfect in so many ways. The coincidence of Cooper actually asking Sean Penn a question is fantastic.

    2. specwriter


      Now the only question is, was Cooper a "plant" that had already broken through and they knew he was going to be a star? Cynical thought, I know. ;-)


    3. ThaVillain


      Woooow... LOL that's crazy! Although the cynical side of me thinks Bradley was CGI'd in lol.

  8. FX is putting three of its shows on hiatus for 10 days due to the Winter Olympics. Are they really that big of a deal? Half the time it's some event that is totally boring so it's a welcome escape to turn to a scripted show.

  9. I, Frankenstein...Tomorrow when the war began...What the HELL happened to the Stuart Beattie of Collateral and the first Pirates movie?!

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    2. adlocke


      whered u find gears of war?

    3. Nic.Lishko


      adlocke got it a while ago. Let me see if I can find it in my archive...

    4. npquinn


      I've been looking forward to I, FRANKENRANKEN for ages pic.twitter.com/9rVYhvXXD1

  10. Hey guys, does anyone know how to sign up for these events at the YouTube Space L.A.? I don't see any links on this page, do you? http://www.youtube.com/yt/space/events-la.html

  11. With all due respect, AdLocke, congrats on finishing your first screenplay, but I really advise you, as a friend, to spend time on another site like Zoetrope, Triggerstreet or Done Deal Pro. There are many more first-timers there that can help you SO much more than the people on this site, who are (mostly) further along in their careers. It will help you to develop your skills alongside others that are at the same level, and you can all learn and grow together, forming your first peer group. It's just my opinion so maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think your ideal peer group is on this site. Don't take this as flaming; I've been where you are, and I've contributed to many online forums. I can tell you for certain that you will get more out of those other sites than here. I genuinely wish you luck and applaud you for working so hard to produce your first script. :-)
  12. Gravity. HOLY SHIT.

    1. Writer


      No kidding.


      *Possible spoiler*: That beat with Bullock in weightless fetal position is going to be seared into my brain forever. Gorgeous.

    2. SeeriousTimes
  13. Webinar today on structuring TV dramas: http://tinyurl.com/pdph57s

  14. I need to know if anyone's seen a structural paradigm for a one hour TV drama? Like a Blake Snyder beat sheet but for TV. I can't find one, could use help. Thanks!

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    2. admin


      100% agree with Jiblings. While there are A, B storylines, and seasonal, and episodical arcs you aim to hit in a series, overall, the structure has become increasingly different per series over the years. Heck, some shows are up to 6-7 acts now per episode.

    3. naugehyde


      Tv is changing radically thanks to Netflix etc.


      There are no paradigms. World of difference between episodic and serial. World of difference between ad breaks and straight through.


      Write the show you want to watch.



    4. Frobisher


      Try and find the bible for the show you want to emulate. Some of them lay out the structure each episode should follow.

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