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  1. Any thoughts/experiences regarding the Austin Film Fest? Is it worth going if you have a short in fest?

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    2. Alexy


      rent a car and go to Rudy's B-B-Q. Not Ruby. Ru-d-y. get the extra moist brisket. it's the best bbq on earth.

    3. Ravvy


      Rudy's is crap...go to Franklin BBQ or Smitty's Market in Lockhart

    4. storymaps99


      The Austin screenwriting conference (which I believe is concurrent with the Film Fest) is also great. It's not so crowded that you can't just walk up and talk to the panelists. I got to hang out with Shane Black and Scott Rosenberg, it was sweet. Scott gave me feedback on my logline that really kicked my butt and helped my writing. I got his permission on FB this year to quote him in my book.

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