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  1. Any box office experts here-- Passengers is nearing 300 million world wide--is that a hit? What is the likely profit? Not sure how it all breaks down after advertising and theater split. I imagine they will also add a lot more money from streaming and other revenue.

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    2. pygmyzombie


      Not surprised. Looked all fluff no substance. Didn't bother to watch personally.

    3. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      It's 40% of the BO - so that would be $120 million - minus the production cost and the cost of advertising, etc. That would be about 70% of the production cost, maybe more. That would e $84 million. So $120 million minus $204 million = $84 million loss. No citations here but this is based on stuff I've read about over the years. Also Pearl harbor made double its worldwide BO in the aftermarket - some $800 million after it left movie theaters. But that was...

    4. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      ... then and now it's a lot less. Passengers was supposed to be a little film costing $40 million not a Gravity/Interstellar/Martian type blockbuster. In my humble opinion.

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