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  1. What did you think of the Force Awakens? How would you rank the movie in comparison to the other Star Wars movies?

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    2. RobertCornero


      No, no real surprises here. But then again, I called "the big spoiler" a year ago on twitter.


      Keep in mind I was also berated here for saying Interstellar was predictable.


      I'm on the verge of saying it was paint-by-numbers, but man, it's very well crafted and well paced.

    3. nazardo


      A good movie being overrated to great when compared to the God awful prequels.

    4. Sly0712


      5/10 for me. If people took out nostalgia from the movie and objectively watched it, it would get the same rating as Jurassic world. Paint by numbers anddissappointing.

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