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  1. Will the spec market ever be like the golden age of the 90s again? You used to see a sale every week, where big sales were common place. More projects were in development and a wider variety of projects, non-IP....

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    2. Preminger


      The actual money seems to be a lot less... a lot of the deals seem to be small money options.. or big sales reported might be x, y & z happened... versus those amazing big sales of the 90s.

    3. admin


      Packaging is incredibly hot (quickest way to get specs made, and the pilot spec market is considerably hotter than the feature spec market at the moment. Sales are averaging in the $200-$400k range at the moment, and options between $30-$50k.

    4. Preminger


      Are those figures for features or tv? What was the aaverage for the 90s?

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