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  1. Will the spec market ever be like the golden age of the 90s again? You used to see a sale every week, where big sales were common place. More projects were in development and a wider variety of projects, non-IP....

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    2. palostick


      Ditto that question TB - what's the going rate for a hot TV pilot?

    3. admin


      pilots vary, but lower than features. spec pilots go for anything from $100-$200k (though we just sold one for $400k from a newcomer - so these are average more than anything), options from $15-30k. But all of these numbers can dramatically change when there is packaging involved, etc.


      Because there are so fewer output options for spec pilots, there is less money to spend in development, and at this point every network/cable outlet has already overbought... they...

    4. ideafeast


      Awesome intel, TB! Thanks much!

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